A thousand years ago, the lands known as the Towerlands were a part of the Titan Empire of humans. An ancient emperor had famously conquered the humans here, subjecting them to pay tribute. They were tribes with seemingly strange customs, but they understood and respected the might of the Empire.

The Titans built tall towers all across the lands they conquered here as outposts and watches. Often, villages grew around them, as they were important places for trade with the Titans. Over the years, some of those villages grew into cities.

A couple decades after the conquering of those tribes, the Fire Gods made themselves known to the Titans and the world changed dramatically as the religion spread and its seat of power in Titania became known as Holy Reach of the Overchurch. The Titan emperor instituted a new calendar then, and that was called Year 1.

The forests between the Elf River and the Ogre River are full of monsters. The Titans were able to keep most of them at bay, but they built very few towers there. When the Titan Empire declined and its remnants moved the seat of government east to the City of Brass, the human tribes migrated west across the Elf River, leaving the middle forest lands largely empty.

Hundreds of years later, the elven tribes of the east, under attack from orcish war bands, migrated into the forest, living there in peace for centuries.

The human tribes, free of the Titans and left to their own devices, still considered themselves “Titanized.” They clung to the old ways as much as possible, through the dark ages of 500 years. There was a famous emperor, Karol the Divine, who built a great empire and called himself the Immortal God-King, but it was not to last.

The human tribes divided these Towerlands into duchies, each ruled by a Duke or a Brand (a high holy position in the Overchurch). Those people elect a King of the Towerlands. The Towerland King then makes a journey to Titania to see the Solar (the head of the Overchurch), who can give him the additional title of Immortal God-King.

The game takes place in city called Brannibur, in a region called the Frost March, which is part of the Duchy of Hexony.


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