Long Ago

Ancient – Area was part of Titan Empire (see: Roman Empire), Torchbearer worshippers.
390-440 – Migration of Humans (see: Germanic) into the area.
550 – Elvish settlement in area, controlled by Humans.
623 – Elves rebel against Humans, led by Human merchant Hamoth (see: Samo).
626 – Elves conquer Humans at City of Brass (see: Constantinople).
800 – Karol the Divine given the title of God-King.

10th century

948 – Brannibur chartered as a Torchright.
909 – Kenra the Ranger married Masalta. Kenra’s previous marriage annulled.
912 – Kenra becomes Duke of Hexony when his father dies.
912 – Sitto born.
919 – Kenra elected King of the Eastern Towerlands after death of its king.
928 – Kenra captures Stodan (Elven) King, Tugumir.
930 – Sitto marries Edaeth, half-sister of King Stonoble (see: Aethelstan).
930 – Paladine born in the House of Peak March. His father was Count Paladine the Elder; his mother was Faruna, the sister of Empress Masalta
936 – Kenra dies. Masalta founds Fivetower Abbey for noble canonesses.
936 – Sitto is crowned King of Hexony.
936 – Sitto revives the system of Marches.
937 – Hero (see: Gero) appointed Margrave and charged with dealing with Elven Vellendi tribes.
938 – Cabalor I, brother of Paladine the Elder, participates in a conspiracy against Sitto, then joins the Vellendi tribes.
938 – Hero fights to subdue Elves between the Elf River and Ogre River. Invites their chiefs to a banquet, then murders 30 of them in the night.
939 – Sitta frees Tugumir, who must agree to pretend to have escaped. Stodan tribes accept Tugumir as their king again. Tugumir has his nephew (competetion) murdered.
939 – Tugumir surrenders the Stodan (see: Hevelli / Stodarani) stronghold at Brennibur to Sitto, tipping the war to the Hexons. Only the Obor tribe (see: Obodriti) and Sprite River tribes remain free of Hexon rule.
944 – Paladine the Elder reconciles with Sitto.
944 – Paladine the Elder dies.
948 – Torchrights founded at Brennibur and Halflingbrun. Temples built there.
951 – Livwolf plans rebellion against his father, Sitto.
953 – Livwolf and many nobles rebel against Sotto. Sotto meets with nobles, signs a treaty, returns to his castle in Hexony. Adelaide and Kenra convince him to void the treaty, declaring Livwolf an outlaw.
953 – Sitto lays siege to Livwolf’s castle, fails, strips men of power.
954 – Vellend tribes take advantage of rebellion, raiding Eastern Towerlands.
955 – Sitto defeats Oboqs and Czolkapyn tribe alliance to control Peak March.
957 – Gero campaigns against the Elves.
959 – Gero campaigns against the Elves.
960 – Gero campaigns against the Elves.
962 – Gero defeats the tribes and Elves. Tribes are forced into serfdom.
962 – Sitto II is crowned God-King by the Holy Reach of the Overchurch.
963 – Magicburn is made a Torchright.
968 – Holy Reach elevates Magicburn to a Brandright. Brannibur and Halflingburn Torchrights placed under its control.
971 – Masalta dies.
973 – Sitto I dies. Sitto II is crowned King.
983 – Sitto II dies from wounds suffered in a Fire Crusade. 3-year-old Sitto III is crowned King of the Towerlands.
983 – Great Elf Uprising: Vellend tribes openly rebel against the God-King. Luthic Elves at Rethra (100 miles northeast of Brannibur) lead the charge. The uprising was caused by hostility from Duke Tedrik, Margrave of Frost March.
985 – Hexon army responds. Scorched earth tactics for revenge.
986 – Sitto III (6 years old) takes part in his first battle against the Luthic Elves.
991 – Sitto III (11 years old) takes Brannabur back, but loses it quickly because of a Hexon defector.
992 – Sitto III sieges Brannabur.
993 – Sitto III takes Brannabur back.
994 – Sitto III, no longer under his mother’s and grandmother’s tutelage, loses momentum in the war against the Elves.
995 – Rebellion ends with Vellend in control of the Frost March and the Peak March. Brannibur lost to Elves, Torchright is titular only.
995 – Sitto III personally leads an army to sack the tribal fortress of Torbastion (see: Mecklenburg).
996 – Sitto III goes to Titania to put down a rebellion, deposes the sitting Solar, and installs his own Solar, the first ever of Hexon descent.
996 – In Titania, Sitto III receives an imperial crown, becoming Immortal God-King and King of Talia (on top of his prior titles as King of the Towerlands).

11th century

1002 – Sitto III dies of fever outside Titania, unmarried and with no clear heir.
1002 – Kenra II (cousin of Sitto III) asks to be elected the new Queen of the Towerlands. She is strongly contested, receiving only one Torch’s votes.
1002 – Talia breaks away from Towerland control. Margravina Iveria is elected Talian Queen.
1017 – A friend of Margrave Vitale Stormpeak (see: Hermann Billung) throws a rock and damages and Luthic idol at an Elven shrine, must pay 12 pp to them for reconciliation.
1017 – Luthic Elves crossing the Miller River lose 50 warriors and an idol of a female deity in a river flood.
1018 – Kenra II signs a treaty with Bovazelf.
1018 – The Luthic Elves turn on their elven brothers and sisters, the Obodrze tribal alliance. Obodrze Duke Mstizelf expelled to Hexony.
1019 – Knutr the Great, Dwarven King of the Ice Sea Empire, intervenes in Luth-Obodrze fight.
1021 – Duke of Hexony and Torch of Riveredge (see: Bremen) put down the rebellion.
1024 – Kenra II dies. Sitto Dynasty ends.
1024 – Towerland nobility elect Konnor II as King, first of the Slayer Dynasty.
1026 – Konnor II claims Kingdom of Talia.
1028 – Konnor II crowns his daughter Kenra III (“the Black”) as Queen of the Towerlands.
1035 – The Luths pay a high tribute, provide hostages, but keep their land holdings including Brennibur and Halflingburn.
1035 – Luthic Elves join the Empire, pay tribute.
1039 – Konnor II dies. Kenra III is
1043 – Luthic Elves kill Obodrze Duke Rathavor (Prince of Polna).
1046 – Kenra III goes to Titania and is crowned Immortal God-Queen by the Solar of the Holy Reach.
1056 – Luthic federation disintegrates into civil war.
1069 – King Kenra IV loots and pillages Elven area, rides home on the temple’s sacred horse.
1073 – Kenra IV tries to get elven tribe back as allies, letting them sack Hexon land. Hexon nobles then tried to ally with elves.
1073 – Another elven civil war, making them no one’s allies.
1075 – Investiture Controversy causes Kenra to lose focus on elves. They maintain their independence.
1090 – Kenra the Elf (an elven prince, not the human Kenra queen) consolidates elven lands with Hexon support.

12th century

1100 – Kenra the Elf subdues elves in Brandenburg area.
1109 – God-King Kenra V defeated by Polish elves.
1110 – March elves rebel against Kenra V; Elodair, Duke of Hexony squashes the rebellion.
1114 – Elodair had tried to expand his territory prior, subduing various elvish tribes (see: Kessini, Prince Dumar and his sons). Elodair supported by Margrave of Frostmarch.
1115 – Elodair defeats Kenra V in a major battle. God-King’s influence in Frost March disappears.
1121 – Elodair defeats Kessini’s main stronghold, subdues their prince.
1121 – Belycz Sardonic (see: Boleslaw III Wrymouth) advances northwest, conquering many cities, and meets Titan forces.
1125 – Kenra V dies. Elodair is elected King of the Towerlands.
1125 – Elodair mounts a campaign into Polna.
1127 – Elodair continues to mount campaigns against elvish tribes.
1128 – Privazelf-Kenri converts to the Fire Gods.
1132 – Gedfree (see: Sigfried of Anhalt) born, son of Alverus the Dragon.
1134 – Elodair grants Frost March to Alverus the Dragon.
1134 – Elodair grants the title of King to Privazelf-Kenri.
1138 – Torchprince Vigor appointed as first Brennibur Torch with imperial immediacy. He is also a Solar Passagist.
1139 – Overchurch Council of Peace attempts to outlaw the crossbow and other ranged weapons.
1140 – Privazelf-Kenri of Brannibur (Elf) wills his lands to his daughter-in-law Sidda (see: Otto I), oldest child of Alverus the Dragon.
1141 – Alverus the Dragon is driven out of Hexony and the Frost March by Kenra the Proud. [Who died in 1139?!]
1142 – Eilika of Hexony, mother of Alverus the Dragon, dies.
1142 – Alverus the Dragon renounces claims to the Duchy of Hexony, makes peace with Kenra the Proud.
1142 – God-King gives Hexony to Kenra the Lion (daughter of Kenra the Proud).
1143 – Alverus the Dragon is named Archchamberlain of the Empire.
1144 – Alverus’ daughter, Sidda I (16 y.o.), starts ruling by his side. People refer to him as the Margrave of Brennibur already, though Alverus won’t claim it officially till 1157. Brother Vitale also attends meetings.
1146 – Gedfree joins the friary as a secular Canon.
1147 – Kenra the Lion marries Clement, gaining the Duchy of Alaman.
1147 – Velendish Crusades against Elvish tribes in the Frost March. Solar Dispensation for crusades.
1148 – Sidda I marries Yadeth of Polna (see: Judith of Poland), son of Belycz Sardonic, prior Duke of Polna, and brother of Boldazelf IV, the current Duke of Polna.
1148 – Sidda II born (daughter of Sidda I).
1149 – Torch Anselam of Halflingburn, a Solar Passagist, starts building a Fire Temple in Halflingburn.

Start of Play

1150 – Privazelf-Kenri of Brannibur dies. His widow Petrissa hides his body as long as possible.
1150 – Alverus arrives to stake his claim on Brannibur.
1150 – Jasza, nephew of Privazelf-Kenri, arrives an hour later.
1150 – Torch Anselam appointed leader of the Fire Crusades and instructed to travel East.


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