Arms and Armor

The setting is based off 12th century Germany, so the weapons and armor list has been adjusted to fit that time. In the high middle ages, plate armor was not used.

The basic armor for a warrior is chain shirt (Medium Armor, AC 13 + Dex mod, wt. 20 lbs.), generally referred to simply as “mail.”

A warrior’s typical weapons are spear, pike, bow, and crossbow. Swords were reserved for the nobility most of the time, due to their expense.


These types of armor are available:

  • padded
  • leather
  • studded leather
  • hide
  • chain shirt
  • chain mail

You have have a shield. It’s usually a small, round shield of steel or wood. It probably has a decorated border.

Types of armor not available:

  • scale mail
  • breastplate
  • half plate
  • ring mail
  • plate
  • anything specific to a race or some other fantasy setting

Special Mail Rule

If you’re wearing mail, reduce damage by 1 point against Simple weapons.

Do not reduce the damage of Martial weapons. Martial weapons are designed to penetrate mail, and prevent that damage reduction.


All Simple weapons (melee and ranged) are available except the quarterstaff, which will become popular in a couple hundred years. Also, the peasant’s flail is a new Simple weapon you may use.

Available Martial Melee Weapons include:

  • arming sword (new)
  • battleaxe
  • fauchard (new)
  • glaive
  • greataxe
  • guisarme (new)
  • mace (elven)

Available Martial Ranged Weapons include:

  • heavy crossbow
  • longbow

Peasant’s Flail

The peasant’s flail is a Simple weapon. It is -1 to hit and damage and is better used for threshing grain.

Arming Sword

Use the stats for the longsword (but it’s piercing damage). It is a stabbing sword (not slashing, like the longsword), designed to pierce mail. It is customarily used two-handed.


Use the stats for the halberd. It is more like a spear and less like a halberd, with a superficial hook.


Use the stats for the glaive. It’s basically a pole with a hook on it, designed for unseating mounted fighters.


The shortsword, or seax, is a few hundred years out of fashion. They might be found, but are considered oddities (and exotic weapons).


The mace is primarily in use by elves at this point. It has flanges designed to smash through mail. It hasn’t caught on with the humans but it will soon.

Heavy Crossbow

The heavy crossbow is a new invention and is considered exotic.

Orcish weapons

The scimitar is a rarer item used by orcish warbands. It is considered an exotic weapon.

The military flail is the same as the flail listed in the PHB. It is used primarily by mounted orcs. It’s an exotic weapon.


Commoners may not carry “weapons of war” (Martial weapons) in public. Daggers are not considered weapons of war, nor are clubs. Within cities, even nobility are not permitted to be armed, but they are permitted daggers.


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