Brannibur is a city in the Frost March, part of Hexony. It sits on the Halfling River, which winds snakelike through the forests east of the Elf River, eventually joining up with that river in the north.

It is currently (in 1150) the largest city on the Hexon eastern border, with about 500 people living in and around it.

It is the seat of power for the Torchright of Brannibur, a religious province (diocese), founded in 948 by King Sitto as a base of operation to convert the “pagan” elves in the region.

Over the next few hundred years, it would be traded back and forth between Hexon and Elven owners at least a dozen times. Sometimes it changed hands between different Hexon Dukes. For the past 170 years, it has been under Elven control. Its last leader was an Elven princess named Privazelf-Kenra, who just died. Now the Hexons are scrambling to take ownership of it.

Alverus the Dragon, who was Duke of Hexony for four years, is now pressing his claim to Brannibur and the Frost March.

City geography

Brannibur lies on the south bank of the Hafling River. The Halfling River actually splits here, and there’s an Upper and Lower part. This creates an island in the center.

Nearby settlements

Magicburn is 50 miles by overland journey and Elf River. Magicburn is the Brandright that oversees the Torchright of Brannibur. It’s a large, bustling city with a university and a large amount of trade.

Halflingburn is a small fort that is north, 35 miles up the Halfling River near where it meets the Elf River.

Brannibur also trades with the city of Trollbeck, part of the Merchant League. Trollbeck is about 100-150 miles north. The quickest route is east up the Halfling River, a bit overland to the Ogre River, then north down the Ogre River to the Ice Sea.


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