The campaign does not use the backgrounds in the PHB. Use these instead. You don’t have to have a background, but there are benefits to doing so.

Human / Frost March Noble Background

As an aristocrat born and raised in Frost March, you are probably of Hexon or Lanjador stock, but your life has been harder than other nobility. Nobility from other duchies likely look down upon you.

Requirements: You must be a Human or a Half-Elf born of at least one Human parent. You must have grown up in the Frost March. You must be a Noble.

You receive +1 hit point at 1st level.

Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, and either Survival or Athletics
Weapon Proficiencies: Either light crossbow or spear
Languages: Hexon, Elvish
Equipment: noble’s clothes, leather boots, family signet ring, leather purse containing 15 gp

Human / Hexon Noble Background

You grew up a privileged life in Hexony, just west of the Frost March. Your people are tough and hearty, down to earth, and no-nonsense. You have a strong sense of honor and obligation.

Requirements: You must be a Human from the Towerlands, but not from the Marches. You must be a Noble.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Intimidation
Languages: Hexon, Titan
Equipment: kitted-out riding horse, noble’s clothes, riding boots, family signet ring, traditional bronze holy symbol, leather purse containing 20 gp

Human / Lanjador Noble Background

You were raised in Lanjador in the heart of the Towerlands. You have a long family history that you are proud of. Lanjadorian nobles have a reputation for being clever and well educated.

Requirements: You must be a Human from the Duchy of Lanjador. You must be a Noble.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, History
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger
Languages (choose two): Hexon, Lanjadorian, Titan
Equipment: kitted-out riding horse, noble’s clothes, leather shoes, family signet ring, gold holy symbol, fine dagger, leather purse containing 25 gp

Human / Foreign Ambassador Background

You are an emissary from a distant land. You could be from one of the more distant Towerland duchies (Bazir, Sethabia, or Lotringia), from the New Titania Kingdom (the seat of the Holy Reach), or from another far-away realm. You serve as ambassador at court, with some mission in mind. You were selected for your diplomacy and political prowess. You are likely of noble birth (it’d be unusual for you not to be), and at Towerland courts you would be considered of noble status regardless.

Requirements: You must be a Human, but not from the Towerlands.

Skill Proficiencies (choose two): Persuasion, Deception, Insight, Investigation, Perception, Performance
Tool Proficiencies: quill (writing)
Languages: Any three (see the Languages list, but these are good ones: Hexon, Lanjadorian, Titan, Elvish)
Equipment: noble’s clothes appropriate for your home culture, leather shoes, appropriate silver holy symbol, writing kit (10 sheets of parchment, quills, ink, blotter, powder, sealing wax, official seal), leather purse containing 10 gp

Special Ability: Once per day, when you call upon the authority behind you, gain Advantage on any Intimidation or Persuasion check.

Human / Frost March Commoner Background

You grew up as a regular person in the Frost March. You are not of noble birth. Your very life continues at the whim of every noble you interact with. Your daily survival — food, water, shelter, clothes — has been tenuous many times in your life. You’ve learned to cope with life’s hardships.

Requirements: You must be a Human or Half-Elf from the Frost March. You must be a Commoner.

Skill Proficiencies (choose three): Animal Handling, Deception, Medicine, Nature, Survival
Languages: Hexon, Elvish
Equipment: commoner’s clothes, commoner’s shoes, cap
Hit Points: You gain +1 hit point per level, starting at 1st level.

Special Ability: Once per day, when you are trying to get out of trouble with a noble, gain Advantage on any Deception, Persuasion, or Insight check.


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