Torchbearer_Symbol.jpgThe Torchbearer is a spirit of a woman who, a millennium ago, martyred herself so that the world would know of the Fire Gods. The Titans were about to execute her for trumped-up crimes and they asked her how she wished to die. She replied, “Bathed in fire.” Death by fire was unusual in the Titan Empire, but as it was her wish, they complied. She burned in agony until a Titan soldier took pity on her and finished her with a spear.

A few weeks later, on the Winter Solstice, she returned. She said that she had died and been saved by the Fire Gods, who returned her to Earth to deliver their message. She taught the first priests, who spread out across the world to share the message of love and hope.

Today the Torchbearer symbolizes the grace of the Fire Gods, who give every person a chance to walk through the fires of the afterlife without fear of pain and destruction. The Torchbearer serves as the messenger of the Fire Gods, being their only way to communicate with mortals. Her spirit merges with one mortal at a time: the Solar.

Her symbol is a blazing torch held upright, the flames making the shape of a woman’s silhouette. It stands for the light in the darkness, leading the way home, protecting you from evil.


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