Once the setting is ready for play, I will run games at my usual gaming venues. No gaming experience or history knowledge is required, and you don’t even need a character. I will have pre-generated characters for you. However, if you want to make your own, there are guidelines on this page.

Where to Play

I plan to run games at three different venues:

The Windup Space. Every other Wednesday from 6-8 pm, we play role-playing games at the Windup Space in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s open to the public. Walk in and play games, have a drink, meet some new people.

You aren’t committing to anything more than the two-hour game in front of you, and you don’t have to have played in any games prior.

We organize games on a Facebook group called Drinking and Dragons at the Windup.

Gaming Conventions. I attend a handful of cons every year.

  • Dreamation (Morristown, New Jersey, every February)
  • Camp Nerdly (Triangle, Virginia, every May)
  • DEXcon (Morristown, New Jersey, every July)

I’m also known to go to Game Days in Maryland and DC, TravellerCon USA (Lancaster, PA), and sometimes 1d4con (Winchester, VA). Maybe others! I’ll try to post upcoming games on the front page of this site.

My House. I run occasional games at my house in Maryland. If you know me in person, then you’re probably invited to my games! Just ask.


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